Pellet Projects

Pinnacle Pellet Renewable Energy

Pinnacle Pellet Lavington

Lavington, BC

March 2015- September 2015


  • Installation of new modernized equipment
  • State of the art low emission dryers
  • 70 tonne truck dumper
  • Pellet and Hammer Mills
  • Updated conveying system


  • State of the art low emission dryers from Germany
  • Phelps 70 tonne truck dumper, which our lift team installed
  • Conveying system assembled on the ground in large pieces, and placed by the lift team


Pinnacle Pellet Renewable Energy

Westview Redevelopment

Prince Rupert, BC

April 2013 - January 2014


Installation of the world's largest ship loading facility for pellets (as of 2015), distributed to markets in Western Europe and Asia.


  • Railcar load out system can unload a 90 tonne railcar load of pellets in less than 6 minutes
  • The bucket elevators which soars to 212' high and is 8' wide is the world's largest bucket elevators, and can move 2000 tonnes per hour of product at peak operation. The head end assembly at 212’ for the elevator weighs 50,000lbs, the tail end take up weighs 24,000lbs.
  • Gallery section that feeds the top of the silos is 150 feet high each section is over 100 feet long and weighs 50 tonnes. Each 100 foot section was built on the ground to speed up construction and hoisted by two 275 tonne cranes and set in place.
  • Ship loader conveyor receives product from the silos, the product is transferred thru a conveying system into the cascade spout and down into the hull of the ship, each conveyor section to the ship loader was assembled on the ground to speed up construction, each lift was 61 tonnes and lifted into place with a 300 tonne conventional crane
  • All lifts were designed by Timber West and certified by a professional engineer
  • The elevator support tower is constructed of HSS tubing and is bolted with over 500,000 structural bolts in the tower
  • Each pellet silo has over 600,000 bolts per silo


Pinnacle Pellet Renewable energy

New Surge Bin

Burns Lake, BC

April 2012


  • Install new surge bin offline


  • Timber West came up with a plan to build new surge bin in a restricted area off line to reduce production down time
  • After put together the completed 100,000lb bin was rolled to a standby position
  • On the day of the shutdown, a conveyor section was removed and the new surge bin was rolled 90 degrees into place and lowered with a synchronized hydraulic jack system

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