About Timber West Construction

Timber West Construction Ltd is a construction, steel fabrication and installation company, formed in 1998 to service the forest and mining industries. From that time, the company has grown to encompass the energy sector including pellet.

Timber West, originally Timber West Mill Construction, was founded in 1998. Initially building sawmills throughout British Columbia and Alberta, the Timber West group quickly realized that their potential could be attained by expanding the scope of projects they were taking on. As a result, Timber West Construction rapidly grew into the robust “we won’t need to do the job twice’ kind of company that it is now. Timber West Construction integrity and quality continues to make its mark in the construction industry today.

Critical to Timber West Construction's success, is the planning that goes into every project. Quoting jobs properly and realistically ensures that everyone is on the ‘same page’ at the start of a project. This includes time, budget and issues that could arise on a daily basis and the effort needed. Fundamentally, it is an expectation of all staff, from project managers to equipment operators, that they understand exactly what they need to do and the standard level it needs to be achieved with. This is our strength through quality.

Timber West has worked in Northern BC communities such as Mackenzie, Quesnel and Prince Rupert and northwest to McLymont creek, southern BC communities such as Lavington and into Edson, Alberta and further east into Ontario. Timber West Construction quality, travels!

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Timber West is a "we won't need to do the job twice" kind of company!

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